'Fujifilm Processing Laboratory' - Notice to all customers

The Fujifilm Processing Laboratory has now ceased its E6 processing service for Sensia Process Paid photographic film.


Fujifilm's film processing was a partnership with Leeds-based Pro Lab, CC Imaging, who will continue to offer their full range of film processing services.


Fujifilm's pre-paid Sensia processing film mailers and vouchers were only valid up to
1st November 2014.


Customers will still be able to have their transparency films processed, just not under the 'Fujifilm Processing Laboratory' brand. CC Imaging's standard terms and conditions apply for all films processed after this date.


To contact the Lab directly, please call 0113 244 8221 or email: film@ccimaging.co.uk

or visit www.ccimaging.co.uk/film/fujilab



Unit 10A, St Martins Business Centre
St Martins Way, Bedford
MK42 0LF, United Kingdom